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The Neighborhood House was created by community members concerned about the epidemic of people dying by suicide or drug overdose, and the absence of hope that is permeating our society. As professionals who work with bereaved individuals in a variety of fields, we know that grieving can be isolating and lonely, and very often it is not understood or supported. We set out to create a place where people can come together with others also grieving a loved one and learn about normal grieving, realize their own strength and capacity for growth, and begin to live again with hope.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Support groups for children and adults grieving the loss of a family member or loved one to suicide or overdose.

  • Support groups for individuals grieving the loss of a family member or loved one due to COVID-19.

  • Community workshops on suicide prevention, substance abuse awareness, social media safety, stress management, and grieving during the holidays.

  • Balance For Health Care, lunch & heal sessions for front line health care workers in Suffolk County.

  • Motivational speakers in schools focusing on resilience and empowering  student voice. 


Through our support groups we provide a unique community experience in which participants share a home-cooked dinner together through the generosity of community volunteers, engage in professionally-led support groups with peers, and work cooperatively in expressive art activities together before returning home. Our groups meet weekly for 8-week cycles throughout the year. Participants can sign up as many times as they want or need. There is never a cost to participate. Connections traditionally runs in multiple locations in Suffolk County and soon to be in Nassau County. At this time, Connections and Connections-COVID support groups are offered virtually and we welcome calls for more information.

We believe that by connecting with one another, we can restore hope, and with the restoration of hope, people will heal.


Michelle Virga


Executive Director


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Michelle Hendrickson

Director Of Development

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Rani Goldman

Program Coordinator

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