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Join the Dinner Brigade

The Dinner Brigade is a vital part of our Connections Program and is 100% made possible by volunteers. The idea is simple, provide participant a hot meal to share during their support group programs. 


Community members can prepare and deliver a home-cooked meal to one of our Connection Program's sessions. All group participants share a salad, entree, and dessert while facilitators help restore a sense of hope to those who are struggling with a loss.


This is a beautiful way to help the Neighborhood House.


Many thanks...

Fifty local families graciously opened their kitchens to support the therapy sessions at Neighborhood House. Each family dedicated their time and resources to prepare nourishing meals for those attending the sessions. Through this act of kindness, they provided not just sustenance but also a sense of community and care. Their generosity transformed ordinary kitchens into hubs of compassion and support. Together, they exemplified the power of communal solidarity in fostering healing and well-being.

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