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- Dinner Brigade -

The Neighborhood House provides dinners at each event we host for our group counseling sessions.  We provide comforting food to promote a safe and “homestyle” environment as members share personal stories at counseling sessions. For all of us, dinner time is typically the best time to discuss daily concerns with family. We are trying to provide the same atmosphere for those families that have lost a loved one. 

"The dinners at the Neighborhood House brought us together as a group and over time turned us into a family." - Former Member

Please consider a one-time or a recurring donation to provide a dinner for one of our upcoming counseling sessions. Your donation will provide a house salad, 3 full entrees, and a dessert for 25-30 people.


The Neighborhood House depends on your donations to ensure all grieving families receive the highest quality of care. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and all contributions are tax deductible.

Donations are greatly appreciated!
On behalf of the Neighborhood House of Long Island... thank you!
Meals will be prepared and delivered by the following restaurants who have agreed to provide a FREE meal for every TWO meals donated.
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